About us

UAB œRemautlita” was founded as a private company in 1991. The start of company’s activity can be described as market research, analysis and evaluation of situation in the field of automotive spare parts. A first supply came from Polish company œPlast Met” and the first spare parts, which were imported to Lithuania by œRemautlita” were used on Russian cars. From the first day a successful manager and one of the main shareholders of œRemautlita” is Ramūmas Mykolaitis. His ideas and their purposeful implementation along with the efforts of qualified personnel contributed to achieve today’s level of business. Now UAB œRemautlita” is among five largest trade companies in the field of automotive body parts in Lithuania.

Shop in Vilnius

From 1991 up to now activity of UAB œRemautlita” is directed towards constant improvement of automotive part sales quality. From 1992 UAB œRemautlita” has implemented its aim - has created its own network of wholesale and retail. This network encompasses two strategic cities - Vilnius and Kaunas. The strategy is conventional - to sell automotive spare parts in close vicinity to car services and workshops, for the convenience of car owners and mechanics. Our main suppliers are manufacturers from Denmark, though large part of sales consists of automotive car parts from Taiwan, China and Italy. At this moment in stock we have more than 20.000 names of articles. UAB œRemautlita” is collaborating with more than 400 automotive enterprises. Clear vision of company development, avoidance to take loans and take accommodation rent services, high quality work helped to achieve a turnover of 3.000.000 LTL. The assortment of parts in offer is constantly and regularly increasing.

shop in Kaunas

Our future plans are: to increase sales of automotive car parts, to open new shops, to apply new technologies in trade sector, collaboration with new manufacturers, improvement of personnel qualification, assistance to all our clients in business and collaboration development.

UAB œRemautlita” guarantees you sincere and quality collaboration, high level of professionalism in honest and open business development.

Faithfully, Director Ramunas Mykolaitis